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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a repeat prescription?

There are several ways that you can request a repeat prescription. This can be done in person at the reception desk, by handing in your tick slip or make a list of your medication with your contact details and DOB and put it in the green box. We also accept posted requests, to do this please complete the request form on the right hand side of your prescription and attached a stamped envelope for your prescription to be posted to you. You can also order your repeat prescription online.


You need to give 48 hour notice for the repeat prescriptions and you can pick it up between 5:00-6:00 pm. Prescriptions will not be taken over the telephone.

  • Always try and use your tick slip to order your repeat prescription. Try not to make handwritten requests as they may be difficult to read and this could delay your prescription being processed
  • If you do not need a particular item just leave it blank
  • Check that your prescription is correct before you leave the surgery
  • Always take note of when your medication runs out and if you are due a medication review please book an appointment with one of the GP’s
  • If you feel that you should stop taking any medication or unsure about your medication, please ensure that you seek the GP’s advice.

How do I book an appointment?

All appointments are made at 8.00am, and at the moment we are only offering telephone consultations. If you feel you need to be seen once triaged over the telephone it will then be the GP's decision as to weather you can be seen face to face. 

Please note in light of the current pandemic the GP will only offer face to face appointments were they feel they are clinically necessary. 

How do I cancel an appointment?

If you have made an appointment that you no longer require we would ask that you phone us to cancel. This allows us to improve our access for other patients.



Who has access to your information?

All clinical staff members including doctors, nurses and other health professionals need access to your records. But this is on a need-to-know basis and involves only those who are involved in your care. If you are referred to hospital, your health/medical information will need to be transferred from your GP to the hospital, and back again. Secretaries, receptionists and other admin staff need limited access so that they can do administrative tasks such as your letters and booking appointments. NHS staff have a duty of confidence to make sure that your information is not disclosed inappropriately, and they work to a Code of Conduct for handling personal information.

Why do we collect information on you?

We collect information on you to keep an accurate record of your health and any care or treatment that you receive. Please ensure that if there is any change in your personal information such as contact details, telephone number or address, please let us know at the surgery as soon as you can.

How do we keep and use all your information confidential?

Records are kept secure in a safe place at all times and all the admin and clinical members of staff in the surgery respect your confidentiality.


Please make all complaints to our practice manager, Marion McGuinness. We would also be happy to receive any suggestions on how to improve our service.

Choose and Book

Choose and book is a system which enables you to book your hospital appointment while in the doctor’s surgery.

Referrals are at the doctor’s discretion and appointments are subject to availability.