Flu Vaccinations

Flu Clinics will be held at the surgery from September 2018 .


Appointments can  be made with the receptionist by telephoning or calling into the surgery.

Patients will get the greatest benefit from this vaccine by having it administered before the winter sets in.

This injection will be administered by our Practice Nurse.

Important information before your flu vaccination.

Please tell the nurse if any of the following apply to you…

  • You have previously had an allergic reaction to a flu vaccine.
  • You have a cold or a fever or feel unwell.
  • You are sensitive or allergic to chicken or eggs.
  • you are allergic to antibiotics.
  • You are pregnant

Important information after your flu vaccination

The flu vaccine cannot give you flu. Most people have no reaction at all to the injection. However…
  • Sometimes it can cause mild fever and slight muscle ache for a day or so.
  • It will take 2-3 weeks before your body starts to make antibodies to the virus in the vaccine. These antibodies will protect you if you come into contact with the flu virus later on as the immune system will recognize it and produce the antibodies to fight it


2018 Flu Clinic  (Appointment Only)


New dates to follow

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